Real Cider

Our cider team have sourced some of the best local ciders around. Enjoy in moderation. There are some hefty ones that will encourage dad dancing! You have been warned… 😉

C1Apple CottageRapple4.0
C2Apple CottageStrawberry Fields4.0
C3Apple CottageCherry on the Cake4.0
C4Apple CottageKiwi4.0
C5Apple CottageMerry Berry4.0
C6Apple CottageGhandi’s Flip Flop6.7
C7Apple CottageScumpy6.7
C8Apple CottageCloud 95.2
C9Apple CottageRatter5.7
C10Apple CottageSpecial Branch5.4
C11Apple CottageFred’s Perry6.7
C12Apple CottagePyder5.0
C13Apple CottageKing Leonidas5.3
C14Apple CottageWhisky Cask5.5
C15Apple CottageTwisted Sister6.7
C16Emines Treat CiderWeasel’s Wevenge5.8
C17Mayfly CiderAlien Nation6.7
C18Cromwell CiderOliver’s Session4.5
C19Cromwell CiderOliver’s Sweetheart6.7
C20Potton PressTrip Hazard8.2
C21Potton PressSweet Spot7.4
C22Potton PressPyder7.0
C23Simon’s CiderEast Meets West6.4
C24Simon’s CiderShort Stirling4.5
C25Simon’s CiderCox8.4
C26Berties CiderPhoenix Cider6.5
C27Berties CiderOB Session Cider4.5
C28Berties CiderGalanthus Perry6.0
C29Cam ValleyScrumptious7.0
C30Cam ValleyKingston Black7.0
C31Duxford CiderMedium Blonde5.9
C32Duxford CiderIncider Trading7.0